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Improving Indoor Air Quality in Warner Robins

Indoor Air Quality

​A Hidden Danger

In may seem counterintuitive, but low-quality indoor air has a significant chance of being even more harmful that outdoor air. Your home may harbor many allergens, irritants, and other dangerous substances without you even knowing. Things such as mites, mold, pet hair, cleaning chemicals, tobacco smoke, and more may be a constant presence in your home and, therefore, your lungs. All things considered, there is a chance that the air in your home can be two to five times dirtier than the air outside.
According to the EPA, sources of indoor air pollutants are widespread. In addition to those listed above, other pollutants may originate from combustion sources, including (but not limited to) fumes from oil, gas, and kerosene. 
Furnishings and building materials may also pose a risk by releasing various substances in the air. Products used for household cleaning, maintenance, and even hobbies can potentially be a problem. This is not even to mention any outdoor pollutants that may enter your indoor circulation system, such as pesticides, radon, dust, and smog.

How We Can Help

We are able to install and maintain Bryant’s wide range of air quality solutions to help you breathe easy in your own home. Humidifiers, ventilators, UV lamps, media filters, and air purifiers can eliminate up to 99.9% of pollutants putting those in your home at risk. 
If you are worried about the state of your indoor air quality, we at Georgia Cooling want to help. As part of our dedication to creating safe and comfortable home environments, we offer free estimates to help you keep your home clean and free of any dangerous airborne pollutants. Take charge of your home environment today. Let us help you improve the health of you and your and your family.